Friday, September 14, 2007

Terrific Old Time Recipe Cookbook!

Book Review: Saltville Centennial Cookbook,
A Century of Good Cooking, 1896-1996

If you like my Heritage Recipe website, then you will want to get a copy of The Saltville Centennial Cookbook, A Century of Good Cooking, 1896-1996. Following a similar format to my Heritage Recipe website, every recipe has a story about a Saltville area person. Out of print for many years, cookbook has been reprinted by the Friends of the Museum of the Middle Appalachians, Saltville, VA and is available again at the Museum of the Middle Appalachians Store.

The cookbook contains over 110 old recipes, family photos and articles from and about the old time cooks in the Saltville area. This cookbook is a "must have" for collectors of old fashioned recipes. I have a copy of the book from its original printing in 1996 and it's a family treasure. Even though I don't know the people in the stories, I have really enjoyed reading them -- and re-reading them.

Here's the beginning of one of the stories, "Sarah Greer's mother died at birth. Her father had to go off to the Civil War and never returned..." If you want to know what happens to Sarah, you are going to have to buy the cookbook!

You can learn more about the Museum of the Middle Appalachians on their website. This is a terrific small, community museum, located in an area of Virginia that is rich in both American history and pre-historic history. If you are traveling on I-81 through Virginia, take a detour off the interstate and visit Saltville. It is located eight miles north of I-81 in the southwestern part of Virginia. Take exit 35 via Route 107 or Exit 29 via Route 91 for the short and scenic drive into Saltville.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy, contact the Museum Store at (276) 496-3633. The price is $20 per copy and supplies are limited. The museum doesn't have online shopping so you will need to call them. They are happy to take phone orders! The funds from the sales of the book go toward supporting the museum. Purchase this cookbook and you will help the museum continue to grow!

Disclaimer: In case you are wondering how I even know about the re-print of this cookbook, I'm the volunteer webmaster for the Museum of the Middle Appalachians.

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