Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Search Goes On...

My apologies! I've been significantly short on time to look for recipes. The following are some requests with "found" recipes and some requests that I need help with! When you see this symbol then you know I need help finding the recipe

Recipe Request for Suet Pudding:
“Yrs ago my Mom used to make a "suet pudding" using good suet and cut up(cubed) beef all rolled up in a "muslin" cloth bag and boiled in a large pot. It was supposedly a traditional New Year's day dinner. Have you and info on this dish? I'm sure there were more ingredients, but perhaps not. Thanks, Phil.”

Would you believe there is a Suet Pudding Club in the UK ? Just click on the link in blue type and you can find out all about it and Suet. Plus there is a recipe – it doesn’t call for beef, just suet. If anyone has a recipe using suet and beef, please send it to us.


Recipe Request for Green Beans and Cereal:
“My grand mother used to prepare fresh green beans with a cereal, I think was called Ralston purina cream of wheat. This came out of the dutch/german amish area of western Pennsylvania north of Pittsburgh.” From Sam

This is a new one on us – so if you know anything about this recipe – please let us know. We’ll keep searching!
Recipe Request: Beef Poppykoshe
“I am looking for a recipe that I remember being called "beef poppykoshe". It consisted of beef round steak, tomatoes, potatoes, onion, cabbage. It had the consistency of stew and was served over rice or noodles. I think it also had bell pepper and some tabasco sauce. Your help would be great.” Cheryl

Cheryl, I think you are looking for Beef Paprikash -- if you search on Google you will find quite a few old recipes for Beef and Chicken Paprikask (pronounced by many people as "poppykosh").
Here's a link to one of the recipes I found Beef Paprikash
Recipe Request: Peanut Candy
"My Grandmother used to make a peanut (not peanut butter) candy made with sorghum syrup. I believe she ground some of the peanuts. I would like to find a recipe similar to hers. Thank you" Starla

I found lots of recipes similar to the one Starla is looking for on the George Washington Carver History Site and here is- Peanut Molasses Candy

Recipe Request: Hot Grape Nuts
“Hi, I was wondering if you had the recipe for a hot Grape-nuts cereal that used to be on the back of their box. My kids and husband just loved it and it was great on a cold day. Thanks, Gretchen"

Try these links: http://www.kraftfoods.com/Recipes/BreakfastBrunch/HotCereals/HotGRAPE-NUTSCerealwithOats.html
Recipe Request - Molasses Finger Cookies
“There once was a small chain of grocery stores in Southern California known as Jurgensen's. They made a cookie called a Molasses Finger. They had the taste of a ginger snap, but they were wonderfully chewy. I haven't had much luck reproducing them. Any ideas? Thanks, Cheri”

Anyone have this recipe? Please send it along.


Recipe Request: Type of Shortbread with Chocolate Chips in the Center
“I have a friend who died in 1990- when we were kids in the late 70’s, we always made a cookie at Christmas at her house. The family lost the recipe. I feel sure it was one from one of those Pillsbury or other brand-related cookbooks of the 60’s-70’s, but I am not sure why I feel so sure of this. Anyway, I’m going to describe the recipe, and hope that maybe someone knows it. Thanks in advance; I’ve been looking for this since 1990 to no avail.

The recipe was generally a basic shortbread variation, nothing fancy. You shaped the dough into a ball, and you put several chocolate chips inside as you shaped the ball, so that they baked in the middle. I think you then dipped the tops of the dough balls into round candy sprinkles. Then bake, that’s it.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions on other ways to search.

Could use some help with this seach!
I quite a few more emails requesting recipes so I will be posting again soon.