Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cookbook Collector -- THANKS!

Quite a few recipes have entered the "Found" column, thanks to our visitor - Cookbook Collector. I can't begin to thank her enough for all the detective work she has done to find these lost recipes. Once again -- THANKS! You can use the links on the right to view the found recipes.

In the lost column, we have new new request from Leo:
"Having great difficulty finding the nuts and bolts to this great pastry my mother used to make back in the 30"s . I remember I used to have to pulverize the poppy seeds with a hammer then she used to cook this in milk etc., etc. and this is the part I don't remember. At the age of 83, sometimes the details have a tendency to slip away. Back in the 50's a Jewish bake shop used to make a great product . Basically the poppy seed mixture , usually with raisins added fills a cake type pastry shell ( yeast type pastry ,I think . ) Does this ring a bell with any of your old timers . Thanks for any help . Leo" This almost sounds like Butter Rolls with poppy seeds, although Butter Rolls are not a yeast pastry. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, please let me know.

In the "Maybe Found" column, we sent four prune pie recipes out following this request:
"I happened upon your site by chance and am hoping you can help me find a prune pie recipe for my aunt. Years ago her mother-in-law use to make a prune pie in which the prunes were cooked and possibly sieved before being made into the pie filling. My Aunt said the filling was very smooth and almost creamy. It was then served with whipped cream on top. Unfortunately her mother-in-law wasn't one to give out recipes so my aunt who is in her 80's has been looking for this recipe for a number of years. I do hope someone can help me find it. It would mean a lot and make her very happy. Thanks for any and all help you can give me. "

If you haven't visited our Heritage Recipe site lately take a look. I finished it's re-do so it has a new look, an easier to use navigation structure plus the recipes now have pdf files to make printing them easier. I'm always ready to read and post your old recipes and memories so please take time to submit them. If you are a knitter, take time to visit Confetti Creative Knitting -- it is from the sale of these felted bag patterns that I pay for the costs of maintaining the Heritage Recipe site.

And I'm still looking for the recipes listed in the previous posting. I am updating that post as the recipes are found. All your help is greatly appreciated. That Green Beans with Cream of Wheat has really got me stumped!

Have a totally terrific and safe Labor Day Holiday!

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