Friday, August 10, 2007

Recipe Search Recap -- Updated 9/6 with Found Recipes

I've been busy re-vamping Heritage Recipes and have gotten behind in my recipe searches. So I'm asking for some help.

Here are the requests that I am looking for. Please let me know if you have any of these recipes!

"I have lost an old recipe that was on a pickling lime bag 25yrs ago. The recipe called for using white raisins in the making of the syrup. Can you please help? Thanks so much."

"Do you have any of the old recipes that talk about how many corn cobs it take to make so many degrees in the old cookstoves?"

FOUND "My Mom always made “sun pickles” in the heat of summer. She used a gallon glass jar, pickle size cucumbers, garlic, dill and salt. The problem is I don’t remember the ingredient portions! I don’t believe it was ever written down.The jar was filled with water, covered with a plate or other covering to protect it and literally left in the sun for 5-7 days to process. My children loved them and now I would like to share with my grandchildren as well.If anyone remembers this, let me know!"

"My Aunt made stuffed green bell peppers tied with string and canned them in the 40's and 50's. They were stuffed with what appeared to be a sour slaw. Absolutely delicious. I have never found a recipe. I assume they were possibly of German origin but cannot say for sure. She was a farm wife and Mother in central Illinois. Can you give me a suggestion as to where I might look for a recipe?"

"About fifteen years ago, I got a recipe out of Cosmopolitan magazine (I think) called Cheery Chowder. It had ham, cheese, broccoli, potatoes, cream, etc. I have lost the original recipe and wanted to know if any of your readers remembered it. IT WAS SO GOOD! I have written to Cosmo to see if it was archived, but haven't heard back from them. I hope someone else in web-land happened across this recipe many years ago and was smart enough to hang on to it. If you remember Cheery Chowder, please email me."

FOUND "HELP, am looking for a German pretzel recipe that my mom made soo good, mom is in a home, and I just wish to have this, dont know how to spell it correctly, (kimoek) something like that please help me."

"My grand mother used to prepare fresh green beans with a cereal, I think was called Ralston purina cream of wheat. This came out of the dutch/german amish area of western Pennsylvania north of Pittsburgh."

"There once was a small chain of grocery stores in Southern California known as Jurgensen's. They made a cookie called a Molasses Finger. They had the taste of a ginger snap, but they were wonderfully chewy. I haven't had much luck reproducing them. Any ideas? Thanks,Cheri"

"I don't know why it was called that. I only know that after it was baked, the cake was very heavy! People commented on how much it weighted. Rather it actually weighted 3 pounds in a 13x9 inch pan, I don't know. It was one of the best cakes I ever baked. Sometime in years past, the recipe book was lost in moving. I searched everywhere to find a recipe even similar to it.I don't know how to help, except to give clues: The recipe was very old. The first time I made it was around 1964, however, I know it was older than that. It had raisins, walnuts and maybe even dates in it. A lot of spices. It was so heavy, it resembled a fruit cake, but was instead, a spice cake. It was very moist. The best cake ever! I was always asked for recipes.If I remember correctly, that was the name of it. 3 Pound Spice Cake. It was very good with the caramel icing on top. That recipe was included with the cake if that helps.I would appreciate your help.Sincerely, Judy"

"My old favorites, Carrot Cake & Roger's Cream Cheese icing recipes out of the ( Ballinger) The Joy of Gardening Cookbook are missing. Seems someone liked them enough to remove them. I loaned my books out. The book I had was a 2 edition that I ordered before the printing. Please locate. Barbara"

FOUND "Many years ago I used to make Clever Judy Frosting with my Grandmother - it was almost a whipped mocha consistency. The thing I remember most is that we would have to spell one another beating the frosting in a bowl over a bowl of ice until it set. The recipe is long gone. Hopefully you will be familiar with it. I would love to have it. Many thanks. Sharon"

FOUND "I'm from Asheville North Carolina, Really love Old Fashioned Recipes. I am looking for a Batter Bread Recipe That you bake in a juice can Can you all help me find one Thank you .Love the wed site. Thank you Sharron"

FOUND (MAYBE!) "Hello, Please help me find a recipe for peach meringue pie (the filling was creamy instead of clear)...Thank you so much. Frances"

FOUND "When I was little my grandmother made persimmon cookies and pudding, these were a family favorites. I am looking for a persimmon cookies recipe that has the persimmon pulp, raisins and and spices. STILL LOOKING: She also made a persimmon pudding that she baked. All I remember was that she mixed the persimmon pudding and baked it the removed it from the over and put a sauce on topand baked it again. I have searched several different sites and can not find these recipes. Do you have anyone out there who may have the recipes?"

"I can not find in my files nor on the net a recipe for Fruit Chilli Sauce(chutney). It used a lot of Tomatoes, and then equal amounts of apples, peaches, green/red sweet peppers and onions. There was white/cider vinegar, chilli powder, brown sugar and so on. Can you please assist.Thanks, Shirley"

"Many years ago my mother made oatmeal cookies from a recipe that she found in a girl scout magazine. If anyone had one of these magazines from way back, probably in the fifties, and could find this recipe I would so love to have it. I have made many, many cookies from different oatmeal recipes and they just aren't it. I don't know if it was American Girl magazine or maybe Girl Scout Leader but I think it was one of them. Thanks for any help you can give me."

FOUND "Would you have a recipe for a Salad Dressing Cake? My mother used to make it all the time and got the recipe from her mother. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the recipe. Sincerely, Ann"

FOUND "Please help me find an old sugar cookie recipe that was on the box of Arm & Hammer baking soda. 1954-1963 somewhere in that time frame. Thanks, Fern"

FOUND "I am looking for a Pour Biscuit Recipe that my husbands grandmother used to make when they were little. She never measured out the ingredients, but poured into hot skillet, like making cornbread. When they came out of the oven, she cut into wedges like cornbread. I would appreciate anyone sharing information about this recipe."

"Hi, Years ago, my favorite aunt used to take a package of Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild rice, cook it according to directions, and then do something with onions and canned B&B mushrooms and combine them. She served it as a side dish, but it was so delicious I sometimes ate it as my main course. I've tried Uncle Ben's but can't locate it; I'd really appreciate some help.Thanks, Mary"

"Years ago I had a recipe for artichoke foam, I move from Mass. to Fla and somehow it got lost. I remember sitting own after I steamed the artichokes and patiently scrapping all the leaves to get the pulp of the artichokes to make the recipe. If anybody has the recipe you will make one old lady happy."

FOUND "My Grandmother used to make a peanut (not peanut butter) candy made with sorghum syrup. I believe she ground some of the peanuts. I would like to find a recipe similar to hers. Thank you Starla"

FOUND "I have a friend who died in 1990- when we were kids in the late 70’s, we always made a cookie at Christmas at her house. The family lost the recipe. I feel sure it was one from one of those Pillsbury or other brand-related cookbooks of the 60’s-70’s, but I am not sure why I feel so sure of this. Anyway, I’m going to describe the recipe, and hope that maybe someone knows it. Thanks in advance; I’ve been looking for this since 1990 to no avail. The recipe was generally a basic shortbread variation, nothing fancy. You shaped the dough into a ball, and you put several chocolate chips inside as you shaped the ball, so that they baked in the middle. I think you then dipped the tops of the dough balls into round candy sprinkles. Then bake, that’s it. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions on other ways to search. Lucinda"

"I've looked every where & can not find the recipe for stawberry - banana salad using only those two ingredients can you help."

FOUND "Almost 40 years ago I went to a Tupperware party where they gave out a recipe that went with the biggest round storage container they had at that time. It had numbers in the name of the recipe corresponding to the amounts of the ingredients in the recipe. (1-2-3-4 Cake?) You put a store-bought angel food cake into the container (I guess that was the 1) and then poured a Jell-o mixture over it. It was then covered and refrigerated. The cake soaked up the mixture and was served with whipped cream.Have you heard of this, or am I just dreaming? Thanks for any help you can give me..."

FOUND "Do you have an old recipe for a mustard bean pickle recipe that you make with wax or green beans?"

FOUND by Priscilla "Hi there! In my search for an old recipe which I've lost, I happened upon your site! This may prove to be fruitless, but I'm giving it a shot!When I got married (the first time!) in 1970, I received an Osterizer blender. The accompanying booklet of recipes included a recipe for pancakes - and one of the ingredients was slices of store-bought white bread. The recipe yielded the lightest and fluffiest pancakes I've EVER had! Sadly, aftter 20 or so years of marriage, my husband and I parted ways... I got the blender and he, apparently, got the recipe booklet (which he promptly threw out!) Since then I've been looking for this recipe and have been unsuccessful in my search. Any leads you could provide would be very much appreciated! Thank you Priscilla :-)" ** Editor's Not: Have Contacted Oster, but they no longer have the recipe in their archives.

FOUND "My grandmother made a sour cream raisin pie. As a child I did not like it. So so my sister would eat the filling out of my piece and I would eat the crust. I have wondered what it tasted like as I can't remember."

"I used to have a recipe clipped from the paper which is now LOST!! It was a great topping on a steak The ingredients were 2 cups of sliced celery,4 cups of sliced mushrooms individually sauteed in buttter then combined. I can't recall if there was worsterchire sauce added and or lemon juice. Can you help ? June"