Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy Week For HeritageRecipes.Com

The week of Thanksgiving is a time when people reach back into their childhood memories and this leads them on search for family recipes that have gone missing.  My HeritageRecipes' website will have many, many visitors this week.  So if you have any old family recipes you would like to share, please email them to 

Lost Recipes Requests (in their own words)

Douglas Bakery Fruitcake And Carnation Milk Meat Loaf
Hi, I am searching for two recipes. As a child in West Virginia in the 1960's, we had a bakery delivery truck that brought an amazing fruit cake. The bakery was Douglas Bakery of Charleston, WV. If anyone has that recipe, my dad will be a happy, happy man! Also, in the late 1970's, Carnation Milk had a meat loaf recipe on the label. Being the girl I was, I thought I'd never forget. Need I say more? I remember the topping had pickle relish in it and that's as far as I can go. I deeply appreciate any help you can provide! Sincerely, Beverly

Chicken Soup with Elbow Macaroni
I lived with my great grandmother in Double Springs Alabama until I was 13. I was placed with another relative because she developed Alzheimer’s. She would make me a chicken soup with noodles that were very large elbow macaroni and had a creamy sauce, not clear. I know she started by boiling a whole chicken and then removing the skin and bones. I have looked through hundreds of recipes and can’t find anything except recipes using cream of chicken soup. She made hers entirely from scratch. I never got a chance to get the recipe, as a child I honestly never dreamed there would be none left to ask. If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. Athena

Kidney Bean Pie
I am looking for a bean pie recipe that my great grandmother used to make. I have been searching for this recipe ever since my grandmother told me about it. My great grandmother was a very traditional southern woman and I guess she used to make this all the time. The only thing my grandma remembers her putting in it was kidney beans. Have you heard of a recipe like this? Since my grandma is not a cook or a baker she has been begging me to try and make this recipe. If you could find this recipe that would be great!! Thank you, Tristan

Chocolate Lush Cake
I have been hunting for Chocolate Lush Cake recipe for 30 years. It is a chocolate cake cooked in an iron skillet. When you turn it out it is covered in its own chocolate sauce. I have made it before and it was soooo good. Thank you for any help you can give me on this. Birdhouse

Christmas Cake
Does anyone have a recipe for a Christmas cake which included whole hazelnuts, chocolate buttons, large raisins and was then baked in a ring tin in the oven and when cool had icing drizzled over it. I think the recipe came from a Family Circle or similar magazine in the 1980s. My kids loved it and I want to try it on the grandchildren but have lost the recipe. Mandy

Date Bars
There is a recipe for date nut bars that was on the box of a date bread mix. My mom used to fix it every Christmas during the 60's. It had lemon glaze on top and was delicious. I don't think it was written out because she just purchased the mix whenever she wanted to bake it. I would love to find the recipe from someone who was prudent enough to save it. I have not found it on the back of any current mixes seen in the store.

Three Layer Cake
My Aunt said the her mom had made this cake from scratch 3 layer cake one layer was spice and 2 were white and she believes that it had a egg white frosting with a lemon filling between the layers the spice layer was in between the white layers and she believes that it was a lemon filling between the layers but not for sure .. My aunt is 75 now and it was a cake that her mom made and we are wondering if you could fine that recipe.. Thank You ..Wendy

Garden Delight Relish
I am looking for a relish recipe that my Aunt used to make. I think it was called "Garden Delight" It was the best relish I've ever had and I would love to be able to make it.!

Pineapple Cake
I am looking for a pineapple cake, very simple, with a cream cheese frosting. Just 1 can pineapple, 1 c sugar, balance unknown. Can you find a recipe for me? Thank you in advance,  Bernice

Potato Candy
Back in the 1940's my mother made candy that I think was called potato candy. it would have a layer of potato or whatever the white was and a stripe of peanut butter. I would love to find the recipe. Thanks..Mary

Fried Tomatoes
I may be looking for a recipe that was one of my Dad's creation, but I hope not. We haven't raised tomatoes for many years, but I planted (too many of course, lol) and it looks like I will have a bumper crop. Dad used to take tomatoes that were turned or turning and start off by cooking them like a traditional fried tomato. He dredged them in four and meal and fried them in a big cast iron skillet. Then when they were fried, he took a spatula to kinda stir them together and give them a casserole-type consistency. Then he would put them in the oven to finish them off. Dad is 85 now, and has dementia, and doesn't remember how to cook them. I think I could wing it, except for the oven part. I am not sure how hot to have the oven or how long to cook them. It has been decades since I had these, and I can still remember the great taste. I am hoping that he got this recipe from someone and that someone else out there has it. Thank you for your help, Phyllis

Found Recipes:

Green Goddess Salad Dressing
by Mrs. Clay Richmond from the River Road Recipes, Junior League of Baton Rouge, LA and submitted to this blog
1 clove garlic, crushed
2 Tablespoons chopped anchovies
3 Tablespoons chopped green onion
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
3 Tablespoons tarragon wine vinegar
1/2 cup sour cream
1 cup mayonnaise
1/3 cup chopped parsley
salt and coarse black pepper
The anchovies are optional. Mix in the order given and chill. Makes 1 pint. Serves 8-12.

Sweet Potato Fool
Hello, I'm looking for a "Sweet Potato Fool" recipe. Jacquelyn
Follow this link: Sweet Potato Fool

Wishing everyone a totally terrific Thanksgiving Holiday!