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Here are some new requests and so old requests...hope you all can help!

Swiss Chocolate Cake (?)I'm looking for a cake recipe for a cake I think I've heard it called Swiss chocolate cake, but not for sure, it's chocolate inside and the icing is white maybe something to do with whip cream, but it has real small chips of something chocolate in the icing. Can anyone help me out on this? Thanks Patty

Peanut Pone
When I was in the 2nd grade my grandparents grew peanuts my grandmother received a recipe from the company PEANUT PONE it has been lost for about 35 years it is something like a cake/cornbread. it was a favorite on the farm can you find it? Thank you. Monnie

This isn't a recipe, it's two questions that I haven't been able to get an answer to. 1. What is the difference between a cucumber and a pickling cucumber? Are there two species? This implies that a non pickling cucumber will not make a pickle. 2. My grand (and great grand) parents only had 'regular flour'. There weren't any 'cake' or 'bread' flours. What they made was great! So, why do we need these other flours, and what would a bread (white) recipe look like from the time of my grandparents? Thanks!! Gary

Jordon Cake
Hello can you help me find the recipe of Jordon Cake; my grandma used to make it, hope you can help thanks Carmel

Baled Hay Pickles
Hello, I am looking for a recipe for a pickle called "Baled Hay". My mother and her sisters used to make this pickle every summer at their homestead at Marriotts Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. I remember helping them make pickles during summer vacations, (1960's 1970's), still using a wood stove! i would love to have this recipe again, as Mum's recipe card has been lost. Thanks! Valerie

Recipe from LA Times
Hi! I’m looking for a recipe from the LA times. A friend gave it to me and I can’t get help from the times. It has ricotta cheese, phyllo dough, zucchini, eggs, pinenuts, other cheeses, chicken and you build the layers up in the bundt pan. Thanks, Sue

Firehouse Eggs Question
I am looking for the correct ratio of butter & Worcestershire sauce for ‘Firehouse eggs’. This recipe came from an old firehouse cookbook which I somehow lost. The recipe is simply a ‘toad in the hole’/’egg in the hole’ using the butter & Worcestershire sauce. Thank you for any help you can give. Susan

Vegetable Pancakes
Years ago, (in the 50's) my parents had a neighborhood grocery store, and my mother wanted to convert part of it to heath food. I remember going out to country to buy some organic veg.,(but they also had handmade wooden outdoor furniture, which we ended up buying) while we were there we smelled the most wonderful smell and somehow my mom ended up learning to make these most wonderful tasting veg. pancakes (these people were very poor). The recipe had carrots, garlic, and onions, flour and eggs, I can’t remember what else and I can’t find this recipe anywhere. CAN YOU HELP? Suzanne

Hot Oil Chocolate Cake
I’m looking for a “hot oil chocolate cake” recipe. It was a chocolate layer cake (I assume with hot oil) with a cocoa-fudgy icing. Tina

Peanut Butter Bread and Cake Cookies
I have a couple of aunts and a mother that are looking for some old recipes from when they were young.
1) Peanut Butter Bread - the unique thing about this bread was that it was made in a tin can. You put shortening and flour in the the tin cans and poured the batter in and baked it in the oven.
2) Cake cookies - This cookies were about an 1/2"-1" thick and tasted like chocolate cake. They added red dye to the mix as well to make it look darker.Thanks. Tracy

Gingerbread House Recipe
Great website! I just found it and can't wait to go through it further. I to have a recipe that I have been looking for for years. It was from a Christmas issue of Woman's Day or Good Housekeeping magazine. (I am pretty sure it was Woman’s Day) From the 1960's or early 70" for a gingerbread "type" of spice cookie that you can build gingerbread houses with. I used this recipe for years, but in the several years and moves made, I have somehow lost it. The main thing I remember from this recipe is it has a large amount of honey and very little flour, lots of spices and no eggs. It makes a hard cookie that can be rolled out very thin and bakes without any warping, bubbling or change of the cut out shapes.

They used this cookie recipe for making gingerbread houses in the article of the magazine, which is where I got the idea. It is not the typical type of gingerbread used in this, it is very thin and hard and not the inch or thicker bread normally used for building decorated houses. Thank you for your website and the history you are saving. I love nothing better than to go through old cookbooks for those hidden gems! Valerie

Sweet Potato/Orange Pudding
I can you help me my grandmother made this pudding from grated sweet potato and oranges I think, when it was done it was kind of sticky, dark brown and sweet. I hope you can help as we lost the recipe. Veronica

Two Requests
When I went to North High School from 1959-1961, I would walk to W. 32nd Ave. and Clay St., where there was a small drug store with a soda fountain in the back. They always had a large glass jug with the most delicious 'sloppy Joe' hamburger mix in the world!!! It makes my mouth water just remembering it. They used an ice cream scoop to put some into a heated hamburger bun, and I think it cost twenty cents for one, but I can't remember for sure. I just wish I had the recipe for that fabulous 'sloppy joe' mix. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if someone knew how to make that and let me know so I could fix it for me and my husband before we die of old age!

I made great cookies for my children and their friends, using a recipe I had from the side of the box of Ralston Purina Cereal. I used their recipe, plus I added lots of extra nuts and raisins. I recently ran into one of the kid's friends, and he had children in high school! Time sure flies by! Anyway, he asked me if I still made those wonderful cookies, and I realized I had lost that recipe years ago. Please help me locate that recipe again. It was on the box in the 1970's, and I think they were called 'crumble cookies'?? I'm not sure. I would really appreciate it if you could find this recipe, so I can make them again. Victoria

Spice Cake
My Aunt said the her mom had made this cake from scratch 3 layer cake one layer was spice and 2 were white and she belives that it had a egg white frosting with a lemon filling between the layers the spice layer was in between the the white layers and she believes that it was a lemon filling between the layers but not for sure .. my aunt is 75 now and it was a cake that her mom made and we are wondering if you could fine that recipe.. Thank You . Wendy

Chicken Noodle Soup
I lived with my great grandmother in Double Springs Alabama until I was 13. I was placed with another relative because she developed Alzheimer’s. She would make me a chicken soup with noodles that were very large elbow macaroni and had a creamy sauce, not clear. I know she started by boiling a whole chicken and then removing the skin and bones. I have looked through hundreds of recipes and can’t find anything except recipes using cream of chicken soup. she made hers entirely from scratch. I never got a chance to get the recipe, as a child I honestly never dreamed there would be no one left to ask. If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. Athena

Apple Recipe
I have misplaced this wonderful easy recipe. I know it had 1 egg, flour, sugar, sliced apples & cinnamon on top; I'm not sure about baking powder, baking soda, vanilla? or the amounts of all ingredients. It was a thick dough that you spread into a pie dish then arranged the sliced apples on top sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar. A very easy recipe and oh so delicious. I tried to remember it but it came out too moist and not the same. Not sure where I got it but have been making it for more than 40 years. Thanking anyone who can help! Barbara

Pineapple Cake
I am looking for a pineapple cake, very simple, with a cream cheese frosting. Just 1 can pineapple, 1 c sugar, balance unknown. Can you find a recipe for me? Thank you in advance, Bernice

Apple Recipe
I'm wondering if anyone can help me. My very Irish husband keeps describing an apple recipe that his very Irish mother made many years ago. He describes it as an apple cake and just can't seem to get across to me exactly what it was like. Some of the family say it would have been something like a soda bread with sliced cooking apples in between two layers of the soda bread. My husband says that it wasn't as heavy as a soda bread, maybe something like a pastry with apples in between. It sounds lovely and I've tried it several times but it seems it was not 'like Ma used to make'. Does it strike any bells with anyone? Thank you for your help! Beth

Apple Dumpling
I am looking for an apple dumpling recipe that my great grandmother made. She cut up the apples put butter cinnamon and brown sugar with them and rolled them in dough threw them in boiling water. When they floated they were done. I do believe she used lard in the dough recipe. Candace

Two Recipes: Beef Goulash and a Cookie Recipe
I am looking for two recipes, one was on the back of a Lipton onion soup box, it was made with beef and was like a beef goulash or beef paprika. The second recipe was in the coupon section of the Sunday paper sometime before a Halloween a number of years ago (I remember this because it had a Halloween scene above the recipe), it was for these cookies that had the five minute brand of oatmeal, chocolate chips, mini m&m's, maybe raisins, rice crispies, flour, sugar and all the rest of the goodies in cookies -- it was like a everything but the kitchen sink kind of cookie. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Chocolate Candy
I am looking for a candy recipe called "A spot of Chocolate" it is a small amount of chocolate made from scratch, enough to satisfy that chocolate craving. My girlfriend’s mom died with the recipe. Please help! Carla

Old Casserole Recipe
I am trying to find a recipe from a magazine about 1970 or 1971.
Main ingredients are:
Deviled eggs – seasoning unknown other than finely chopped onion
Thin sliced ham wrapped around egg (both halves put together)
Mushroom soup over top – may have been diluted with milk
Sliced pimento olives sprinkled over top
Grated cheese
Crushed potato chips sprinkled over cheese
This casserole was always requested for Sunday brunch, very easy to put together, made a gourmet presentation. I lost the recipe years ago, but can still visualize the cut-out magazine page taped to a 3X5 card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Carol

Sauce Recipe
My mother used to make a sauce that she said was very simple. It used canned milk, (not sure if evaporated or sweetened condensed), vinegar and sugar. The sauce would thicken as it was shaken in a jar. She served it over lettuce wedges or sliced cucumbers. Thanks for any help, Doris

Chocolate Cake Recipe
Hi, I’m looking for the Chocolate Cake recipe that was on the back of the Baking Powder OR Baking Soda box years ago. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer, Gina

Steak au Poivre
The recipe is Larry Hagman's steak au poivre with puff pastry medallions. I guess this came out along time ago. Thanks, Hildy

Blue Ribbon Cookbook Recipe
The recipe I was looking for came from a cook book with Blue Ribbon in the title and probably was published around 1968. The recipe had granulated sugar and egg whites cooked in a double boiler until stiff. The mixture was added to Crisco and powdered sugar, with vanilla added last. Jackie

Lick Recipe
I found your web site after searching for a LONG LOST recipe for Lick. My grandmother used to make this and my mother (88 years old) would LOVE to have this again. Have you heard of this? It is served warmed on toast. At least that is my memory. Thanks, Jan
PS Actually it is like sorghum molasses. That might be one of the ingredients. It is dark and gooey and is served on hot biscuits. My grandmother grew up in Missouri.

Spinach Wheel Bread
My mom is looking for a old recipe she had and this is some info on it...she thinks its called a spinach wheel bread it has yeast and all the ing to make it but it’s a wheel shaped bread wheel made with spinach and flour and salt , yeast and all but the bread was cut in slits and the slits had foil in them....please help..thank Jo Anna

Chewy Cookie and Nut Loaf
I had an elderly Aunt who used to make these amazing chewy cookies with currants and nutmeg, beyond that I could not even guess the rest of the ingredients. Her last name was Quinec and she and her husband were French if that helps. The recipes I have found on the web were not anything like these cookies because the recipes call for them to be fried and I know we did not fry them. They we're baked in the oven.

A second request I have is a nut loaf that comes from a Elmhurst, NY bakery called DuBois. It is a dense rich brown nut loaf that has powdered sugar lightly sprinkled on top. It is so moist, I swear there must be some pureed fruit hidden in it, I am thinking raisin paste maybe. All help/hints appreciated! Kerry Marie

Hayden Cake
In my vintage cookbook collection, I have a hand-written cookbook dated 1908 from a "Domestic Science" class at Hawthorne School. No town/city name is given, and I'm wondering what part of the country this may have come from.

One clue may be a recipe for a cake I've never heard: Hayden Cake. The batter contains 2 tsp. cinnamon and directions call for it to be baked in muffin tins. Other oddities -- to me, at least -- are recipes for fadges and corn bannock. Can you or your readers give me any help? Sincerely, Judith

Southern-style Butter Roll
Hi, my mother was going to tell me all the details on how to make a southern style butter roll the summer of 2009. However she passed the fall of 2008. This is what i remember as a child.
1 stick of butter
sugar (Southern’s don't measure they go by taste)
1 can carnation pet milk
biscuits (store bought or homemade)
a pinch of vanilla
Bake the biscuits half way in a casserole pan. (while the biscuits are baking) take the butter and sugar and mix very well in a sauce pan. Constantly stir until the butter is completely melted with the sugar. Take the half baked biscuits out of the stove. once the melted sugar and butter are completely melted slowly pour the mixture over the half baked biscuits. Then take the pet milk and pour over everything. slowly stir all four sides of the pan. place back into the stove and let the biscuits finish baking. once the biscuits are completely brown. take them out of the stove and stir all four sides again. Let cool then serve. LINDA

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More Lost and Found Recipes...

Here are some recent requests...

Butter Roll Search
My Granny made a recipe once that was also called Butter Roll. It came out looking sort of like a peach cobbler without the peaches, no custard with with cinnamon, and a sugar syrup. Please let me know if you are familiar with a recipe like this. Thanks!!  Brian

Peanut Butter Cozies Search
My sisters and I remember an article from Good Housekeeping or Woman's Day about feeding your family for, say$5 a week. There were recipes of things made of lard and flour and one, called peanut butter cozies, struck our fancy. This was in the 1950s. Anyone know anything about it? thanks. Ellen

Four Meal Chicken Dish
I don't know where to make a request, so I'm doing it here! My mom has been searching for a recipe for YEARS now, and I thought I'd enlist your help in finding it. My mom used to have a recipe for a four meal chicken dish. The idea was that you could make four meals with one chicken? She got it from either Family Circle magazine or Women's Circle magazine. Apparently, it's an amazingly delicous recipe, and we haven't been able to find it anywhere! It was aired in one of those magazines arround 1997 or 1998.  Thank you! Ayla

Red Gravy
Everyone in my family who knew how my Louisiana grandmother cooked pork roast. It was always very tender. The unique aspect of the roast was that it had what we all called “red gravy.” The gravy had a translucent look. My grandmother said she used brown sugar in the recipe. She lived way out in the country, so she would never have had access to “sweet and sour” sauce or soy sauce. I don’t know where to begin. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I would appreciate any input from your site. Sandra

Bread Baked in Cans Recpie
I am looking for a recipe that you put the mixture in clean and dried vegetable cans and cook them that way. My great grandmother I think cooked her cans of bread in a cake pan filled with water. Can anyone help me find this recipe or one almost like it. My grand parents were from Kansas - Tennessee, that part of the states and everything was made from scratch. That is what I'm teaching my son. Please help me. Thank you Oleta from calif.

Ralston Cereal Cinnamon Rolls
In the early 60's I picked up a Ralston Cereal brochure in the Home Ec department of the college I was attending which had a recipe for Cinnamon Rolls made with the Ralston Cereal. I remember the raisins were added in the yeast dough and a mixture of brown sugar and maple syrup was placed in the bottoms of two round baking dishes and topped with pecan pieces. A mixture of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon was spread on the rolled out dough before rolling it up to cut into rolls. The recipe made 18 rolls. I would love to have this recipe again. Thank you so much, Bonny

Rose Hip Jelly and Persimmon Jelly
I am looking for two old fashioned recipes one being rose hip jelly and persimmon jelly. I found a lot of persimmon jam recipes but I want the jelly recipe. Please respond thanks! Elaine

Hot Oil Chocolate Cake
I’m looking for a “hot oil chocolate cake” recipe.  It was a chocolate layer cake (I assume with hot oil) with a cocoa-fudgy icing.  Tina

Sesame Chicken
Hi, hope you can help in locating a sesame chicken recipe that was listed in either the Women's Day or Family Cirlce magazine many years ago. It was a spotlight on tv stars and their favorite recipes. Her recipe included using beer in the batter. It was such a great recipe but unable to locate it. Thanks in advance for your attempt to help me. Valerie

Ritz Cracker Treats
We ate the spread between Ritz crackers. I recall it looking more brown than white, so I believe there was peanut butter in it. So from this gals memory I don't think the marshmallow creme over powered the spread.. and I don't think it was refrigerated as I recall my relatives having it in a container.. but it was kept in a cool pantry.

Chocolate Cake Recipe
I’m looking for the Chocolate Cake recipe that was on the back of the Baking Powder OR Baking Soda box years ago. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer, Gina

If you have any of these recipes, please email them to editor at

And some answers:

Pudding Meat AnswerA lady was looking for pudding meat. I believe what they are referring to is "liver pudding". It is of German origin and can still be found in parts of Pennsylvania, Virginia & SC. It can be made either as a "loaf" or in casings just like sausage. An uncle buys his from Virginia - their liver pudding has no rice; the liver pudding I get from SC has rice in it. Not sure that it would be carried in a supermarket but a meat market may know about it. Cheryl

Pineapple Cake Recipe Found
Hello! Nice site and blog! I think I may have a recipe that someone named Bernice was looking for on your recipe detective blog. She called it “pineapple cake” with cream cheese frosting. I call mine “best cake.” Here it is:

2 cups flour
2 cups sugar
2 tsp baking soda
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups chopped nuts
1 20-oz. can crushed pineapple, undrained
Combine all ingredients and mix by hand. Pour into greased 9 x 13 pan. Bake 35 minutes at 350 degrees. Let cool and frost with this:
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
½ cup soft margarine (I use butter)
1 tsp vanilla
1 and 1/3 cup confectioners’ sugar

Mix well and spread on cake. Sprinkle with additional chopped nuts.  Hope this helps Bernice! Thanks for a great site! Sincerely, Melanie
Some comments...
Holly, Thank you, thank you for the hot milk cake recipe. I had one like it of my Mom's. When she passed away many recipes on small cards disappeared. That was one of them. I remember her making cupcakes, birthday cakes, Washington Pie and Strawberry Shortcake, all out of this same recipe. Talk about versatile...I can't wait to try more of your recipes. Reminds me of my childhood. Cecilia