Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Lost Recipes

Haven't posted for a while -- sometimes life gets in the way of what I want to do!

Below are some requests for lost recipes. If you have posted a request, please check the comments to see if you recipe has turned up!

Lost Recipes….

Black Walnut Cake
"Hi just found your site today, and love it. I have been looking for a long lost black walnut loaf cake w/sugar glaze that I got from the Southern Planter magazine in the 1950's that was published in Richmond, Va. love to find this recipe. thank you." Alice

Butter Cake
"Dear Heritage Recipes,Some 20 years ago we lived in New Jersey across from Philly and ourneighborhood had an excellent bakery. They made the most wonderful"cake" they called Butter Cake. It wasn't cake in the sense you'dnormally think of. There was a cakey type bottom layer topped with abuttery sweet gooey topping that was baked together (I think). Thewhole thing was only about 2 or so inches high. We enjoyed it formany years when all of sudden the bakery was sold and the new ownerschanged the recipe, or didn't have the old one, and the toppingtasted like it had a marshmallow base. Not good at all. I've beensearching for a true recipe but the only ones I find use a yellowcake mix for the "crust". A few days ago I came across one thatdidn't at Cookingcache.com. It was called Philadelphia German ButterCake Recipe but it just doesn't cut the mustard although it's close. Our entire family would be most appreciative if you could help. Longing for true Butter Cake!" Tamie and Chuck

Cookie Recipe from Texas
"About 1985 there was a cookie recipe published in the Austin (Texas) American Statesman. As I recall, it had been developed by a kindergarten teacher. It uses cream cheese and both white and brown sugars. The dough is very moldable and can be baked as long as necessary depending on size and thickness of "creations." I like its flavor and the fact that numerous re-rollings of scraps don't adversely affect it. We like to make cutout Christmas cookies which we decorate with egg yolk paint prior to baking. I would certainly appreciate your help in recovering it." Anna Marie

Holiday Yeast Bread Recipe
"Hello, I have lost a treasured holiday yeast bread recipe that I have used for over 30 years. The recipe is a yeast bread with quick oats, flour, sour cream in the bread. It is raised once, than rolled out and filled with cream cheese whipped. It than raises again. The bread is filling and delicious. I am trying to make it from memory but hope to find the original. I think it was featured as a Easter bread originally, however my family loves it all year at the holidays.Thanks for your help!"

Oatmeal Softies Cookie Recipe
"Am looking for an Oatmeal Softies Cookie recipe that was in the Family Circle or Woman's Day Magazine, probably in the 1980's. It had flour of course, white and brown sugars, a couple eggs, baking soda, maybe also baking powder?, vanilla, and chopped nuts, and oatmeal. Can't remember proportions, or whatever else it may have had, if anything. I've searched high and low, can't find it, and tried some on-line searching also. Please help! I miss these wonderful cookies." Bette

Sweet and Spice Pickle Recipe
"I'm looking for a good old fashion pickled recipe it is sweet and spice. can you help me find one , thank you. PS really enjoy your web site it's grate glad I found it a lot of the recipes bring back a lot of memories of my mother and grand mothers cooking. Thanks. Billy
Molasses CakeMy mother is 92 years old and going strong. She has been talking about and searching for a recipe for the molasses cake her mother made using cornmeal and spices. Any help in providing one will be appreciated greatly. Thanks in advance," Brenda

Silver Cake
"I was recently informed of a cake recipe from the 1920s that was calledsilver cake and had an icing to go with it... I don't know much about itother than the name was something like that and I think it had to dosomething with the way it looked when it was finished. Can you help me findit??"

Thanks for your help! Holly