Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Recipes Searches -- Please Help!

I'm working through the backlog of recipe requests -- if you recognize any of these recipes, please let me know!

Molasses Cake
"My mother is 92 years old and going strong. She has been talking about and searching for a recipe for the molasses a cake her mother made using cornmeal and spices. Any help in providing one will be appreciated greatly. Thanks in advance, Brenda"

Mom's Italian Soup
"I had a recipe from an Italian friend who has since passed....I'd like to make this recipe for a group of friends in her honor, but now I can't find it....please HELP!!! It was just called "MOM'S ITALIAN SOUP". I've yet to make it, so I'm not certain of the ingredients. I know it was a chicken broth-type base and had sausage-stuffed tubular pasta. Don't believe that it had much else in it besides possibly some basil. I would be VERY grateful if you could help! Marilyn"

Choreboy Pickles
"I have looked everywhere and can't find this and everyone I tell thinks I'm crazy. My grandma made pickles many years ago and she called the choreball or something like that. They were very syrupy sweet. I asked my mom a couple weeks ago, and she said grandma would boil a choreboy or choregirl copper scrubber in the syrup for whatever reason and then strain it before pouring on the pickles. Has anyone ever heard of this? MR"

Stove Top Butter Roll Dessert
"I’ve just read several recipes that you have for “Butter Roll Dessert” however they all say to bake in the oven. I was wondering if any one has a recipe where they are cooked on the stove top? My grandmother used to make these for me and she dropped them into a bubbling liquid of something and cooked them like dumplings. The rest of the recipe sounds just like what she did. Unfortunately the recipe was lost when she passed away. I always thought it must have been a southern recipe as my grandmother grew up in the Kentucky/Tennessee region. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sandy"

Banana Bread
"Hi! I am looking for the Banana Bread recipe from the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook circa 1956. Unfortunately, my Mother had to throw her cookbook out because a bottle of cooking oil fell on it! Thanks, Kim"

Pork Dumplings
"My grandmother used to make a wonderful dish! She would cook a pork butt (boiling it or other pork or ham pieces)…She’d just have flour in a bowl and dip the hot broth from the boiling pork/ham into the flour, mix it together and roll out dough, from which she’s cut dumplings, bug square ones, heavy and doughy and delicious…. Can you find that recipe for me, Please, Sherri"

Heaven’s Delight
"Good Day! Hope you can help. When I was a child my mother made a soupy concoction that she call “Heaven’s Delight” I can’t remember all the ingredients but I do remember that she used to cut up large colored marshmallow’s, used canned cling peaches, whipping cream and she may have used half and half too, cool whip may have been folded in too but I’m just not sure, other ingredients were added too but I just cant remember them, I do know that coconut was not added. All the ingredients were mixed in a bowl creating a soupy kind of dessert. I just wish I had the recipe. My mother has been gone for 25 years….would love to have the recipe to remember. John"

Salad with Grapes, Dates and Nuts
"My Mother made a salad that had grapes, dates, nuts and whipped cream. Do you have or know of a recipe for this. She made it when we had family dinners. Everybody loves it, because we milked and had cream to make REAL WHIPPED CREAM. Oh, it was RICH. I sure wished I could find that recipe. Thanks for your time, Rachael"

Ginger Bread Cookie
"I'm so excited that I ran across your site. I have been looking for a recipe that my Maw Maw use to make. It was like a ginger bread thick cookie. Bigger than your hand. She would use the white lard that comes in a box(not Crisco)flour, cane syrup, sugar, but that is where I stop. Can't remember what else went in the recipe. We here in the South, would get our syrup straight from the mill, Where the sugarcane was ground. There was not much liquid in this recipe, the dough was more cookie like, she scooped up a big handful and would pat it into a oval, then place it on a cookie sheet, bake it and it was so good. I have been searching for this recipe for years, have tried different ones, but never the same. I sure hope you can help me out."

Salad Cubes
"I am looking for a recipe on how to make salad cubes. I thought maybe I could use the bread and butter recipe for making these. If you know of a better one please send it along. I thank you for any help you can give. Tanya"

Fresh Apple Cake
"Back in the 1960's until the mid 1980's my mom made a raw apple cake. My brother (a chef) took the recipe to make at his bakery. He never returned it and now it is lost.
She made it with fresh apples, oil, sugar, eggs, etc. and was made in a 9x13 pan. It wasn't heavy, nor was it light. The color was a dark brown. It was the most moist cake that needed no topping of any kind. There are so many apple cakes I've tried, but the tops were crispy and the cakes were heavy. Mom's cake "sprung back" when you touched it.
I have no idea where the recipe came from and haven't found its duplicate. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. W.N."

I referred WN to our Fresh Apple Cake recipe at Heritage Recipes.

Please let me know if you recognize any of these recipes.

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