Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Recipes Search -- Please Help!

Here are a few requests that I need help with. Thanks!

Pumpkin Chessecake Search
Denise is looking for a Pumkpin Chessecake Recipe that was in an old Oster Blender cookbook (and it’s not in the Osterizer Cookbook I recently bought). She says it was made in the blender with gelatin.

Anyone Know Lamb’s Tail?
Joy asks: "I am looking for a recipe for something my husband's grandmother made. She called it Lamb's Tail -- it was a biscuit dough type dessert, sort of like Butter Roll (in the South) but I don't know enough to make it. She was from Maine so I assume it's a New England thing. If anyone knows about this, I'd love to hear! My father-in-law has requested that someone make this for him this Christmas.”

In search of a stuffing recipe….
Rae is looking for a stuffing recipe made with bacon, bread, thyme and onions.

Vegetable Chowder Recipe Request from Andrew
“I am looking for a recipe I found several years ago on a message board. It was called Vegetable Chowder. It contained nothing but canned vegetables. I think it had corn, cream of corn, green beans, kidney beans, & stewed tomatoes. I think it had other canned veggies, but I can't remember. I loaned my only copy of this recipe to someone and never got it back. This recipe was not a soup but more like a chowder. I've searched every where on the internet without much luck. I am not a very good cook, so I always try to find super easy recipes and this one was more suitable to my culinary skills. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

Ernest is looking for the following recipes:
Aron Gulushka
Choruka (in Polish – Kruschi)
He writes these are phonetic spellings and he is also looking for Hungarian baking recipes.

Gerrit in South Africa is asking:
“Do you perhaps know of a recipe for (American) Southern Salt Bread? A friend of mine remembers it from a trip to the USA where he ate this bread in Florida, near Orlando. We have been seaching for it without any success.
I am also keen to learn about a recipe that one can bake in those American cast-iron moulds shaped like small cobs of corn. I have a pan of that kind with 8 small molds in it. Although it is antique I would like to put to the test and taste the bread/cookies for which it was designed."

Thanks for your help!


Anonymous said...

The castiron pan with depressions like ears of corn is for making cornbread sticks. Just use your favorite cornbread recipe, but remember to put a bit of fat in each "ear" and heat the pan in the oven while you're preparing the batter.

Anonymous said...

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sugarlady said...

I'm so excited that I ran across your site. I have been looking for a recipe that my Maw Maw use to make. It was like a ginger bread thick cookie. Bigger than your hand. She would use the white lard that comes in a box(not Crisco)flour, cane syrup,sugar, but that is where I stop. Can't remember what else went in the recipe. We here in the South, would get our syrup straight from the mill, Where the sugarcane was ground. There was not much liquid in this recipe, the dough was more cookie like, she scooped up a big handful and would pat it into a oval, then place it on a cookie sheet, bake it and it was so good. I have been searching for this recipe for years, have tried different ones, but never the same. I sure hope you can help me out.

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Kimberly Ann said...

I think Gerritt may be talking about Salt Rising Bread. I have a recipe for it if that is what he is looking for - it doesn't use yeast, it has a "cheesy" aroma while rising and baking, it has a dense crumb and is really best when toasted.

Anonymous said...

I have lost a treasured holiday yeast bread recipe that I have used for over 30 years. The recipe is a yeast bread with quick oats, flour, sour cream in the bread. It is raised once, than rolled out and filled with cream cheese whipped. It than raises again. The bread is filling and delicious. I am trying to make it from memory but hope to find the original. I think it was featured as a Easter bread originally, however my family loves it all year at the holidays.
Thanks for your help !

Elle said...

Holly, what a cool idea for a blog! I love it!

I've tagged you for a Six Word Memoir. If you choose to play, and you don't have to, but if you do, you can see the rules in this post:

Cheers! Elle

Pixie said...

What a fabulous and entertaining blog (found you through Elle)...I have a great stuffing recipe ; though a bit christmassy as was used to stuff a turkey for xmas

it has oysters in it but that can be omitted and the parsley can be replaced (not sure i'm of any help here but am trying lol)

Elle said...

I think I may have found the pumpkin cheesecake recipe...

Sounds quite good, too!